How to improve your poker tactics
You can chalk winning in poker up to luck, skill or even one’s ability to effectively swindle another player (or group), but the fact is it remains largely a game based on solid tactics. According to wikipedia, a “tactic” is defined as:

“…a conceptual action implemented as one or more specific tasks. The term is common in business and military usage, as well as in chess, sports, and protests.”

In other words, you need to consider your game from all angles and create strategies based on dealing with the moves of your opponents. Whether you want to admit it or not, gambling is a struggle, and you’re essentially a person who’s struggling against not only your adversaries, but also the odds inherent in the game itself. Of course it’s not all bad; after all, we are talking about calculable issues here, not necessarily unknowns (which by their very nature are completely elusive). Given this, it only makes sense that if you want to become a domineering poker player, you have to absorb as much strategy as possible.

Having said this, the first thing you should do is scour the internet for any and all poker tips and tactics, particularly those used by the game’s more successful players. Care should also be taken by an individual to seek out local well-known gamblers, particularly elders (who are basically walking testaments to knowledge and experience). Absorb any and all of the standard strategies first and then move on to more obscure ones.

Next, take the time to learn all the corresponding rules associated with the various iterations of poker. In other words, figure out what makes games like Omaha, limit poker, no-limit poker, and others so special. In doing so you’ll probably find one or more variants that suit your overall playing style and comprehension in terms of tactics, which will in turn possibly mean more wins in the long-term.

Following this you’re going to want to delve into the mathematics of poker, perhaps even exploring the odds in a very scholastic way. All of the world’s most famous and successful gamblers have either been mathematicians or gifted with numbers in some form or fashion – this should signify something to you straight away. For instance, every serious poker player should know what is meant by the term “expected value”, and if you don’t you should definitely find out. You should also find reputable websites to play at, that's if you plan to play online, an example would be Don't forget to do your research!

Finally, make it a point to pay careful attention to what the pro players do during big televised poker tournaments. With an incredible sum of money on the line the world’s pre-eminent players often pull out all the stops and expose their winning strategies in an effort to take home the big bucks. Of course recent events aren’t the only learning tools you have at your disposal; there are also plenty of backlogged films of important games featuring luminaries which can teach you an incredible amount. You know what they say, if you want to be the best, you need to learn from / study the best. Good luck!

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