Backgammon Rules Online
Before the game begins Backgammon must designate the first to play. Each player rolls a die and the one whose number is the highest start the game if both players get the same number, they have to throw the dice again until they get a result that the tiebreaker. The starting player must move a pawn on a first die and a second piece according to the second die. After the first movement, if desired, the player may move the same piece again according to the second die. Then it's the other player to play. As you've already noted, the order of the movements of pawns is the numerical value of the boxes. Also, you can not move in a clockwise direction (and the player opposite will move only in reverse). For example, the rules of Backgammon allow you to move your pawn from box 13 to 7, but not in box 7 to 13. Backgammon online casinos makes things simple because it does not make illegal movement. A player may move his pieces where he wants if the space is free, but it can not move a pawn on a box that has more than one opponent pawn now. If there are at least two opposing pieces, this box is "locked" and can not be placing his pawns.

A player may move his pawn on a square that has an opposing pawn, which is called "hitting" or hits. Note that solitary piece that is exposed to the action called "blot". When a piece is "hit", it must be placed on the bar. In this case, the player can not move any pieces before releasing the hit counter by placing it on the table again. The software online casinos will tell you what movements are prohibited.

A player may surrender his pawn on the board as follows. The player rolls the dice, and if the resulting figure is a box on the table of the adversary (that is to say, a 6 pin boxes original release), then the player can place his pawn, but only if the box is not blocked by the opponent's pieces (two or more, as explained above). Once released his pawn, the player gets the right to move any other pieces too. If the player does not get a figure corresponding to a free box, then lets turn in favor of his opponent. Sometimes a player gets to block all the boxes in his house and maximum delays the release of one or more opposing checkers.

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