The year was 1963 and a young student in Manhattan named Peter Parker was bitten by a genetically modified spider, gaining superhuman abilities, just a sixth sense of arachnids and especially the ability to launch webs and cling to walls. Thus the artist Steve Ditko, based on texts by Stan Lee (who is also the author of the Fantastic Four, X-Men, the Incredible Hulk, Daredevil) created the character of Spider-Man.

The fortunes of this character is surely due to their background, Peter Parker is not invincible as SuperMan is not a billionaire like Batman, but it's a regular guy, shy around women, clumsy, that has to do with the problems of all day like any other middle man. But after all, who does not know the spider man? Who has not read a comic book dedicated to him or he never acknowledged in one of his many animated versions on the small screen?

Well, our hero, now more than forty years has new life and has never been in such good shape, thanks to the spectacular episodes of the film where the protagonist has been done in recent years. The title in question is logically based on the last episode that makes up the Spider-Man film trilogy, and allows you to play for the first time in addition to the classic Spider-Man in red suit and blue, also has its dark counterpart.

You'll find yourself immersed in a perfectly recreated New York and completely free-roaming that allows great freedom of play, and you will be guided by a plot that although based on the eponymous movie, converges in many adventures parallel created specifically for the game. Throughout your adventure you can then play a series of missions in the bustling city of Manhattan, through which it your own hero to better develop their skills, increasing speed, strength and agility.

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