The kings of Roulette
Like all games Roulette also has been the target of scams. Jagger Joseph brought his dubious contribution to the history of Roulette in 1873, when he paid six employees of a casino in Monte Carlo to obtain information on the results of Roulette. Thus he learned that number could go out more than others, and won around 450,000 euros until it was discovered. But Jagger was not the only one: Charles Wells , player and renowned cheater, gained nearly 2 million francs in 1891 by attacking two casinos in Monte Carlo , and winning 23 of 30 rounds of Roulette. Fred Gilbert wrote a song about it, whose title is "The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo" and thus that player entered the history of Roulette.

The arrival of the digital age has created a world of possibilities, and the challenge was irresistible for Roulette players like Edward O. Thorp and Claude Shannon of MIT, who in 1955 created a mechanism that allowed them to predict the likelihood the game of Roulette. During the late 70s, a group of students from the University of Santa Cruz , California, entitled Eudaemons had developed a small computer through a camera and an oscilloscope increased their chances of beating the Roulette . They tested the invention on the casinos of Las Vegas and stopped when the camera broke and one of the team members was injured by electric waves. The group split up after winning only 10,000 euros, but have proven that there is a scientific way to predict the trajectory of the small ball to the location arrived.

The name Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo became an icon in the history of Roulette when, after studying Roulettes Casino Madrid using a computer, he won a million euros during the 90s. Finally, it was discovered by the casino, but the Court has cleared of all charges against him.

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