Everyone knows that blackjack has a legendary history. The first hand of blackjack was played in France in the seventeenth century, during the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King, but then called Vingt en Un, which means "twenty-one" and it was almost played only by the rich French gentlemen who frequented the casino. Just like today! Joke, of course. The current rules of blackjack are quite different from those that were used in past centuries, but it is clear that blackjack actually derived from the ancient French card game.

Only the dealer could double and the players were able to place a bet after each round. The goal was to reach the total of 21, just as it does today. The English name "Blackjack" is derived from a feature of the original French game, which consisted of a special payout to the player who received a hand consisting of an ace and a jack of spades, hence its name Black Jack. After the French Revolution the game landed in America where he quickly became popular because there were no written laws that regulated gambling.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, had reached a blackjack spread that the U.S. government was convinced that gambling was corrupting society and encouraging organized crime, for this reason, the game was banned altogether. But despite the ban, the illegal blackjack tables continued to operate in many cities throughout the United States, since the game was loved by many people.

Blackjack is a game was "illegal" for decades in the U.S., as the sheriffs continued to "hunt" in gambling dens and gambling halls illegal. During 1920 , the game became more popular, despite the U.S. government had stepped up its fight against gambling. In the early '30s, the State Nevada came to legalize gambling and thus was born the great mecca of gambling: Las Vegas . Blackjack was finally able to emerge from the shadows and enter triumphantly in the casino, room after room, until all the Strip came to offer blackjack tables.

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