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2 or 4 players - A deck of 52 cards. The dealer shuffles the cards and the fan does to the player on his left. The dealer deals clockwise 9 cards (18 in the case of 2 players) and it turns out 4. It will be the player to the dealer's right to start the game. If this card has a rank equal to a discovery, or equal to the sum of 2, takes the card - or cards - and puts the bundle before him, with the paper "grip" on the other. Then the hand passes to the next player, who can take both cards face both the bunch opponent. Who will own at the end of the game the most cards is the winner.

2 to 8 players at the beginning of the game the dealer chooses (or does choose) a card that will be put in a hidden place without being seen by anyone. At this point distributes players all the remaining cards in the deck. Each player must discard pairs of cards of the same value in his hand. At this point everyone will stay with a variable number of cards: who has the most starts playing.

The active player takes a card at random from the player to his left. If the card is paired with a socket that has already in hand then you can discard them both. The turn then passes to the player on his right hand, which, in turn, take a card from him and so on. In the end only one card will remain unpaired. Of course those who remain lost with this card in hand.

2 to 4 players Once the cards shuffled and fanned by the player to his left, the dealer distributes to each player 3 and 4 it turns out. Each player in their turn (they "run" counter- clockwise) plays a single card and can take only one card of the same value. The "wild card" are the axes of each seed that can take all the cards face up (hence the name of the game). The aim of the game is to get as many cards as possible. The score is simply the count of the cards held by each player.

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